Unit structure

There is a Progress Test at the end of each 3 units in order for the student to reinforce what they have learned as well as get a good indication of their progress. After completing 27 lessons, the students complete one Level.

Personalized tutorials

Direct English teachers will assist revising and clarifying the student’s self-study units so that they can become confident and effective speakers of English. These can be conducted as group or one-to-one sessions depending on the student’s individual needs.

To support beginner students, some Direct English teachers are expert in both English and Vietnamese, helping them to identify areas where students are making progress or having problems.

Conversation classes

Conversation classes are not just ‘teaching’ classes, they are ‘practice’ classes – a chance for students to practice their developing natural conversation skills in English using a wide variety of often topical news and events.

Direct English’s mission is that students make progress in Language Learning, acquire confidence in speaking English and enjoy while doing it!

Social and networking activities

Social club is to widen your network and chances of practicing English.

Our social club is filled with constantly changing topics like media, marketing, trading, art, and more, the club is designed to offer you a better grasp on different areas both in English and knowledge.



Yes, you read it correctly. No dry, heavy, outdated textbooks for the majority of levels. So that you do not have to carry those cumbersome books around. So that you will not be detracted from your learning experience because of forgetting them at home, and can just forget them for good.

Instead, there will be up-to-date in-class materials, customized to each lesson and your learning progress, as well as the online and interactive learning platform Direct English Live!.

Direct English Live! offers a completely learner-centric user experience for students through our unique Learning Cloud learning platform, which enables you to access our suite of learning resources offline from any iOS or Android device.

Direct English Live! provides access to Direct English online courses and assessments, as well as a built-in messaging functions for communication with tutors and global learner communities where peers around the world swap learning experiences, life goals and an odd recipe or two!

Also available is the powerful practice tool, Direct English Interactive, where learners can role play, record and then playback their activities, providing them with a confidence-building, safe practice zone in which they can develop intonation and pronunciation skills.

Direct English students can access the platform here.