Direct English Master Licensees from around the world were introduced to the future of English Language online learning platform at their 2017 Global Partners Conference in Dubai.

Powered by Learning Cloud, and supported by Netex Learning, a global leader in Online Learning Platforms, Direct English Live! was developed over two years and provides our learners and course administrators with a powerful and dynamic online learning system that combines a fully functioning Learning Management System with Centre Administration and Teaching Support.

The online and interactive learning platform includes a global online social community, mobile learning capability, data analytics and content management tools.

Cross platform and globally hosted in the cloud, Direct English Live! provides access to Direct English online courses and assessments, including the all-new 6 level Direct English Online (DEO) course. This video rich English Language course features both English only versions and others that offer bilingual support for beginners and incorporates the acclaimed Louis Alexander Direct English curriculum on which the original in-centre, taught course is built on.


Also available is the powerful practice tool, Direct English Interactive, where learners can role play and then record and playback their activities, providing them with a confidence building safe, practice zone in which they can develop intonation and pronunciation skills.

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Accessed through browser or via the app for smartphones and tablets, Direct English Live! is user focused with built in messaging features for communication with tutors and access to both course and global learner communities where peers around the world swap learning experiences, life goals and the odd recipe or two!

Geared for the future, Direct English Live! benefits from the ongoing innovation from Netex, Direct English publicly listed educational technology partner, that focuses on ensuring that Direct English learners are benefiting from features and applications that are ahead of the curve. Scheduled for deployment in 2018 will be a powerful Virtual Classroom that will provide learners with both live and recorded tutorials, as well as give teachers the ability to assess learners and adapt teaching to individual needs and much, much more.

“Analysts think that over the next 3 years, Digital Learning globally is going to grow to a $200 billion dollar plus industry! If we break that down into the constituent parts of the solution within Direct English portfolio – it’s worth about $50 billion!  added Mike Byrne, UK Country Director, Netex Learning (Dubai, December 2017)

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Available only to learners that enrol at Direct English centres around the world, Direct English Live! will provide a new business channel that Direct English Master Licensees are keen to develop in their exclusive markets, with interest already expressed by corporate customers and public-sector bodies. Infinitely scalable, Direct English Live! is as much a business resource as it is a learning resource.



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